Duane Clark

Spiritual Care Pastor

Num 8-27, Ps 31

The single handle faucet at our kitchen sink had been cantankerously dripping for some time. When I finally tried to disassemble the faucet and replace the worn parts, I needed more light than what the overhead kitchen lights provided. So, I used the handy flashlight on my iPhone to shed light right in front of me where it was much needed.

The seven lamps of the lampstand spoken of in our reading this week in Numbers 8:2-4, were to “give light in front of the lampstand” to illuminate the “holy place,” just where the ministering priests needed the light. Here, the priests worshipfully burned incense representing the prayers of God’s people, tended to the showbread representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and trimmed and fueled the seven lamps of the lampstand so the much-needed light was constantly present.

The light of God’s word shines on some significant events in the life of God’s people in our reading in Numbers 8-27 this week. They show how those who understand their position before God and magnify his holiness are blessed. They also show the great consequences for those who fail to do so and choose disobedience. Each of these events ultimately show that God is worthy of mankind’s acknowledgement of God’s holiness and sovereignty.

To list a few:

-The setting apart and cleansing of the Levites as priests.

-Celebration of the very 1st annual Passover.

-The “cloud by day and fire by night” method of God leading the way in the wilderness.

-God’s provision of quail and his judgement on the people’s response of gluttony.

-Miriam and Aaron’s opposition of Moses’ leadership and God’s judgement for their actions.

-12 spies sent into Canaan and the people’s fear of their report.

-God’s judgement for the people’s lack of trust in Him by forbidding that any of that generation, except Joshua & Caleb, would live to see the promised land.

-Korah’s rebellion and subsequent judgement

-Moses strikes the rock to provide water instead of obediently speaking to it

-Balaam and His donkey

-Phinehas righteously halts the judgement of God against Baal worship

-Joshua chosen to succeed Moses.

This week we also read in Psalm 31. Ps 31:3b says, “for Your name’s sake You lead and guide me.” David recognizes that as the Lord shines, His light of guidance radiates so that His name would be rightfully honored. David sees, as we should, that the light of God’s truth calls us to worshipful obedience.

Today, though worship is not functionally the same on this side of the cross as David or the Israelites, we are still called to the worshipful acknowledgment of God and His glory. This is both an individual and a corporate call to a worship lifestyle. Allow the “lampstand” of God’s Word to light your way this week. Respond to Him in purposeful, worshipful obedience. He is our holy, sovereign God!

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelation 4:11