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What To Expect


How long are the services?

> Typically, our services are about 75 minutes long. Our services include corporate worship and a message from the Bible. Each service is identical so that you can choose the one that best fits your schedule.

Is there a dress code?

> No, there isn't! From jeans and t-shirts to dresses and suits, people come wearing a range of style. You will be welcomed here. 

How are new guests treated?
> We welcome new guests, but we won’t embarrass you! Expect to be treated the same way we treat everyone, with even a few extra smiles and handshakes! We understand and respect that people visiting our church often want to just check things out. We have a gift for you at our Welcome Center if you are new to Grace Chapel!

What happens to my children/teens?
> Nursery and toddler care and K- 6th grade children's church are provided at every service. There are classes for Jr High and High School as well. We offer Bible-centered classes that are staffed with caring, well-qualified teachers and helpers. Your children are also welcome to join you in the service if you prefer. 

Am I expected to give in the offering plate?
> No. We do not invite you to Grace Chapel for your offering. When you come to our church, it is our desire that you are able to worship with us and learn from the Bible. We will never pressure anyone to give.